Pack Up: For a Change of Pace

Vegas was exactly like the neon-lit image I had in mind. The cowboy sign is still there on Fremont Street, only he no longer glows. Instead he is shrouded by a digital canopy running the length of the strip which displays a light show every hour on the hour. What I didn’t expect was the... Continue Reading →

Pack Up: To Get Dirty

  In kindergarten, a couple of park rangers gathered the entirety of Wares Ferry Elementary School into the gym. The center of attention was focused on a rabbit, leashed, and perched atop a table in the middle of the floor. The rabbit (whose name I could not tell you) was the main character of a... Continue Reading →

Pack up: For a reality check

Watching the earth morph and transform from flat and speckled to intimately snowy and monstrous is an incredible experience. I can’t help but feel immensely grateful. Grateful that I can not only watch the drastic change of terrain, but every so often traverse some of the most beautiful nooks and crannies this country has to... Continue Reading →

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